Sunday, June 16, 2013


Fatherhood meant..

1. Eating at Jollibee or McDonalds (used to, Cairo’s a big guy now) even if you crave for a piping hot pizza or steak.

2. Eating his leftover food even if it looks dirty and messy and tastes disgusting (re:baby food).

3. Being overjoyed upon seeing him smile his silly smile or learn something for the first time.

4. Letting go so he could face the tough world outside of home not knowing what would happen.

5. Not minding being the only ‘stage’ father in school and all the ‘where is his mom?’ questions.

6. Teaching him the subject you hate the most, Math and pretending you’re good at it (Cairo: Dad, you don’t have to pretend, I know).

7. Conceding to buy some of the ‘luhos’ after hours of ‘no you can’t take that, you don’t need it and no we don’t have enough money’ haggling (Cairo: who’s the boss?).

8. Being ‘superman’ every time, all the time. And yes, he is my kryptonite.

9. Having miles and miles of patience and tonnes and tonnes of understanding (Cairo: do you always have to exaggerate?).

10. Sacrificing my happiness for his and breaking all the rules I've set with no regret at all.

Happy father's day dear Daddy, brothers and to all the other fathers out there!