Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When in Doubt, Masturbate...

Warning: If you’re below 13. Please don’t attempt to read. Portions in here contain some lessons you shouldn’t know by now. Go back after a year or two, to be safe. I don’t want to see your parents nagging me here.

There are a lot of really good reasons why.Here’s some:

For married guys especially, instead of committing adultery, this is safer. Saves you from being kicked out of the house in the wee hours of the night. For guys in relationship, this will keep you faithful (Semper Fidelis!). Its also guilt free.

For health reasons, we can never tell if a person carries sexually transmitted diseases by staring at her boobs or her butt. It will also prevent you from spreading it!

No costs involve. You don’t have to go the motel or pay a prostitute or buy some flavored condom. You don’t have to go out of the house either; bathroom is just a few steps away.Hahaha.
Its chismis safe, you can never go wrong. Hahaha! Keeps the neighbors’ eyes away and mouths shut.

Effective way of family planning without having to withdraw or use contraceptives.Aw!

Well, girls can also do the same (suggestion lang at bawal ma offend). Instead of fooling around, this actually might help for both parties.

I think psychologists/psychiatrists would agree on me about this but definitely not the church people. I don’t care about them anyway.

There are still so many reasons I can think of but I need to end this up. The bathroom is enticing me.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Ronnan Tristan said...

LOL nice one!! jacks lang ng jacks hahaha