Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Holiday Round Up (part 4)

December 31 – Hectic day. Prepared our Media Noche food. I cooked, for the first time my new recipe – Charlie Chan Pasta, which turned out to be the favorites of my family. I also cooked Hickory barbeque spareribs. Mom cooked lengua, chicken galantina and everlasting. Leroy baked some chewy macademia chips, honey and orange glazed ham and his famous blue berry and black currant cheesecake. Ate Trish prepared some siomai and dumplings. She also hosted our 2009 New Year.


carlotta said...

wow ang sarap naman ng mga items mo sa menu :) ano yung everlasting?

domjullian said...

parang embotido pero yung everlasting nakalagay sa llanera instead of the traditional foil ng embotido.