Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cairo @ 10

Since it's my son, Cairo's birthday today, I'm giving you some trivia about him:

1. Cairo was diagnosed with a mild case of ADHD when he was 4. He is way better that before albeit he is still so makulit.

2. Cairo’s got two half sisters and one half brother care of his prodigal mom. Cairo’s technically the eldest. Wala pa sakin, promise!

3. Cairo’s a 5th grader now in a non-tradtional school somewhere in QC.

4. Cairo wants to be a doctor someday.

5. Cairo’s crushes are Miles Ocampo of Going Bulilit and a classmate named Athena. Cairo saved some money and bought Athena a gift for Christmas. I’m probably close to becoming a grandfather.Nooooooo son! A few days back, he also asked me kung pwede na daw cya mag ka GF. I almost fainted.

6. Cairo likes anything with soup (sinigang, sopas, nilaga), veggies [malunggay, toge, carrots, okra (ewlk!),ampalaya (double ewlk!)], tomato juice and kiwi fruit.

7. Cairo’s been to US (and Disneyland Florida) four times already. Doon siya nagbabakasyon together with his prodigal mom pag summer. He’s been to Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Japan as well.

8. Cairo inherited the geekness in me. We both love reading the encyclopedia (we still have it), guinness book of world records, Ripley’s and atlas of the world. Cairo is also sarcastic at times and fond of making side comments, just like me.

9. Cairo's real name is Lemuel Cairo.

10. Cairo was born on December 22, 1999 (two days after my birthday) at 4:25 PM; 7.6 lbs. The nicest Christmas and post birthday gift I ever had, really.

Dear son,

You will always be dad's boy. I love you no matter what. I will always be here to protect you and guide you just stop asking me about the girlfriend thing, don't make me nervous.

I love you and daddy will always be proud of you! Happy Birthday!

Daddy Dom


kuri said...


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU KID! I may not met you personally but stay sweet, and loving and sarcastic and makulit, (as what I've learned from your dad, who I haven't met also). I & red hope to see you and your dad in the future.


BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARE! We may never known each other that well, pero when I read your post about asking for prayer to your readers for my son, i know you are a good hearted person.



today red turns 10 months old tingnan mo nga naman ang coincidence. :)

engel said...

Awwww sweet daddy. Happy Birthday to Cairo!!!

Buti pa siya, nakapagtravel na sa buong mundo. Kainggit. :D

Chingoy said...

una si Brother
then si Pareng Dom
then si Kumpareng Cairo.....

aba aba! magkakasunod! i wonder kung isa lang ang natatanggap nyong regalo (sabay) pag bertday at pasko hehehe... para tipid hehehe

hapi bertdey sa malapit nang magpa-LOLO ke Pareng DOM.

Zai Zai said...

wow ingit naman ako kay cairo! naka pag abroad na. ako cebu ata pinaka malayo kong narating. haha! anyways, maging happy ka na na girlfriend ang gusto ni cairo. imaginin mo na lang kung ako ang anak mo at tinanong ko kung pwede na ako mag boyfriend. pero happy birthday cairo! you're very lucky to have dom as your dad..he seems very nice and I could tell he loves you very much :) God bless! :)

domjullian said...

@ Kuri, salamat! hope to see you and ur family too.

@ Engel, mayaman prodigal mommy nya e.hehe

@ Chingoy, salamat pero wag ganun ayoko pa maging lolo dom

@ Zai, salamat! baka pag BF pinaalam nya ma cardiac arrest na ko.

carlotta1924 said...

Belated happy birthday Cairo! you're blessed to have a wonderful and loving dad like Dom, and Dom with a funny and makulit kid like you. :D God bless! :)