Sunday, October 12, 2008

An Appeal From UP Alumni - From Ricky Lo's Philstar Column

Dear Alumni.

UP High School in Cebu is in danger of being phased out.

The school performs a very important service to the community.

By only admitting poor but very bright students (sons and daughters of farmers, street vendors, maids, fishermen, drivers, janitors, etc.), the school provides them a chance to grow, learn and be educated “the UP way.”

The Cebu Provincial Board has already passed a resolution opposing the planned closure of UP Cebu High. The City Council will pass its own resolution soon.

Your alumni board is also preparing a resolution and a manifesto of support for the continued existence of our alma mater. We will be asking for your signatures soon enough.
Meanwhile, let us continue to be vigilant.

Officially, the approval of the Bachelor/Master in Education (BBE-MBE) program is critical for the high school’s existence. However, the underlying issue is still resources.

Currently, UP Cebu is finalizing its four-college university plan and consequently, the building infrastructure plan. We have to make sure that the high school continues to be part of these plans, as they go through each level of the UP bureaucracy: Execom, Dean, UP Cebu, Chancellor, UP in the Visayas, Advisory Council, President and, finally, Board of Regents.

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