Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Update, update

I’ve been very busy for the last few days. Daming dapat gawin kaso kulang naman ang time. Can I ask for 36 hours a day this Christmas?

December 4, Thursday.Dated my kababata/lifelong friend/demi-sister for lunch. I’m so happy for her and Kerwin.Imagine magkababata kami and they ended up with eachother.Sobrang ganda ng love story nila at witness ako dun since bata pa kami. Happily ever after indeed!

Nung hapon, I decided to stalk my crush. Baka by some stroke of nature, mag kita ulit kami dun sa grocery. Of all places sa grocery pa. Ang kulit ng love story namin pag nagkataon.

But I was dead wrong. I spent an hour and a half sa pag ikot sa grocery kaso wala cya. Hindi ko cya nakita. I’m so lonely. I ended up buying a loaf of brown bread.

Kinagabihan, pumunta akong Ortigas for a stag party with Leroy. My lifelong friend and demi-brother, Kerwin & Annie (my other lifelong friend) got married last Saturday, Dec 6. Inom kung inom. Sakit ng ulo kinabukasan.

December 5, Friday. I got 3 hours of sleep. I have to be in UP before 9 for the Writers’ Day. I’m excited because finally I’ll meeting up this uber cool writer/fellow UP alumni/fellow YB contributor/email & YM buddy. She’s indeed uber cool. Had lunch at Mang Jimmy’s. Best tapsi, still.

Met some highschool buddies sa Katipunan after lunch for our charity project. Discussed and finalized the details and responsibilities. After that, sinundo ko ang anak ko and two nephews sa school nearby.

Mga 5 PM na kami nakauwi tapos after 30 minutes alis na naman for dinner sa bahay ng pang-apat kong kapatid (wedding anniversary). I left past 7 to meet the UPeeps to discuss our annual Christmas Party. Nakarating ako ng Macapagal around 8:30 and I was late. Discussed things and agreed for Dec 30 party.We ended around 11:30 PM.

December 6, Saturday. Got home around 12:30 AM. Tired, dead tired. Hoping to sleep, Kerwin called for some preppy talk. It’s his wedding day today and he is still awake. He can’t sleep. We had our usual talk. It’s a good two-hour talk. We were able to look back and reminisce our good old glorious and not so glorious days. Kerwin will forever be the best demi-brother and Annie will forever be the best demi-sister.

I went to sleep at 3 AM and got up at 8 AM.Five precious hours of sleep. Lucky me. I was forced to wake up. Cairo went to my room and pester me. I promised him a game of badminton with my mom, dad, ate and her husband. We left around 10 (mainit na kasi) and went straight to the public market. Mom bought lapu-lapu, clams and veggies for lunch. Great lunch!

Around 1 PM, nag prepare na ko for Kerwin and Annie’s wedding at 3 PM. I’m Kerwin’s bestman. Nasa church na kami around 2:45. Hirap maging bestman. Daming picture taking at special participation. Nag paalam na ako before 7. Superman still have things to do.

Mga past 8 na kami nakarating sa Araneta for Divas 4 Divas concert with Leroy and his wife to be, Ate Belle, sister ate Trish and husband kuya Chino,mom, dad and my son Cairo. One word: SUPERB!

December 7, Sunday. Had past mid night snack at Chowking around 1 AM. Slept at 4 AM. Great day still!

Got up before 10 AM the Pacquiao-dela Hoya rematch. All of my siblings and their children were there. Para lang kaming nasa sinehan sa dami namin. 35 in all (and counting). Really big family!

Manny was indeed a champion. I really admire his determination, humility and deep faith in God. He’s amazing!

After the game followed our usual Sunaday lunch. Mom cooked a lot to feed all 35 of us. Parang fiesta minus the banderitas.

We all went to the cemetery to visit my dead relatives tapos nag Sunday mass after. I left at 6 PM tas pumuntang QC dahil birthday ng isang highschool buddy. Happy birthday, Aldrin!

Got home at 10 PM, watched the late night news and heard Marky Cielo’s (the GMA artist/Starstruck winner)dead already. Bata pa, 20 lang. Sayang kasi may potential yung bata at mukhang mabait.

Knocked out na ako by 12.

December 8, Monday. Fiesta ng Pasig! Weeee! Woke up past 7 to help my mom. Pumunta kaming palengke tapos nagluto. Some relatives, friends & kapitbahay went and ofcourse, the whole family again. Its nice to rekindle with relatives and reconnect family ties. I spent the whole day entertaining them and spent the rest of the night sa paglilinis ng bahay.

December 9, Tuesday. Hinatid ko si Cairo sa school with my mom and dad tapos nag jogging kami sa Acad Oval. I need to kasi I’ve been eating a lot for the past few days. Got home by 11 and ate lunch. By 1PM, pumunta na akong Ortigas to do some work. I’m working you know. The meeting lasted for about 4 hours so I was done by six (meeting started around 2 PM already. Met my parents and Cairo at SM Megamall. Had dinner and bought Cairo some clothes for his parties and upcoming birthday. My parents also bought some gifts for friends and relatives. We got home by 11. Andaming tao sa mall!

December 10, Wednesday.That’s today. I got up around 8. Did some work till lunch time. Ate lunch.Got back to work and finally read the blogs I’ve been following and updated my own. Later, I will try to stalk my crush again later, run some errands for Leroy’s wedding and do some shopping again. I still have a long list of friends and relatives and inaanaks na wala parang regalo. I hope to finish the shopping today since I won’t be having spare time tomorrow onwards.Wish me luck!

PS: Unedited to kasi wala na akong time to edit.


carlotta said...

wow, busy bee ka lately ah! inom ka ng red bull para mas maraming energy :D

domjullian said...

kaya pa naman without the aid of any energy drink.hehehe.I was born a multi tasker.wohoo!