Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dear Bro 001

Dear Bro,

Just some requests:

1. 36 hours a day + extra day a week.
2. more “Waldorfing” time with Cairo even if I don’t really enjoy knitting; I heart gardening, storytelling, storybook making and cooking though.
3. anti-boredom medicine.
4. better Philippines after election 2010 (I know this is wayyyy impossible, but I do hope).
5. die happily and peacefully 70 years from now.

Love you,


engel said...

I pray for number 1 too.

And a lovelife!!! =P

Rio said...

dear bro,
kindly grant dom all his wishes..thank you=D

Zai Zai said...

ok ang number 1 basta 8 hours pa rin ang work :) malakas ka kay bro, sana pakingan ka nya dom :)

domjullian said...

@ Engel, let's all pray baka ma grant.hehe and amen to lovelife!

@ Rio, sweeeet. thanks!

@ Zai, sana nga.

Anonymous said...


sana po matupad ung mga wishes ko at ni pareng dom.


domjullian said...

Dear Bro,

dalawa na kami ni Kuri nag pe pray, sana matupad nga.