Sunday, September 4, 2011

Recipe: Pan Fried Pink Salmon with Yellow Rice


Pink Salmon
Minced Garlic
Jasmine Rice
Star Margarine Garlic Flavor (newest endorsement ito!)
Olive Oil


1. I-marinate ang salmon sa lemon. Lagyan ng salt and pepper at hayaan mag marinate sa loob ng ref for atleast an hour.
2. I-brown ang garlic sa olive oil. I-set aside.
3. I-melt ng konti ang star margarine garlic flavor sa pan at ilagay ang rice. Haluin hanggang ma fully coat lahat ng rice.
4. I-pan fry ang salmon. 2 to 3 minutes each side or depende sa nais nyong luto.
5. Ilagay ang salmon sa ibabaw ng yellow rice at i-top ng garlic.

Happy eating!!!


ZaiZai said...

hmmm sarap na healthy pa :)

Great Filipino Recipes said...

This is great. I love the recipe and will try it someday. Any difference if you use brown or jasmine rice?

domjullian said...

just the taste, although I'm quite loving brown rice nowadays.

Indulge Daily said...

my mom used to cook salmon for us once a week. it's always nice when fish is transformed into more than its typical form.