Monday, September 1, 2008

Supalpal 101

Nasupalpal ako ng former love of my life way back UP days. There were two actually. She's the instructor.

I e-mailed group of friends including her to inform them of my balik bayan. I wasn't expecting a reply from her because I know she's busy but I still hope.

She did reply, only to make supalpal me.I kinda hope to meet her again to catch up on things about her. Friends lang. Baka strict pa rin parents nya e.Hehehe.

Here's my mail:

Hi Guys,

I'd be finally home on (date of arrival).

Alam ko miss na miss nyo na ko. So this is it! Hehehe

Para sa mga gusto ako ma meet. Drop me a message.

Pag walang booking sorry na lang. I'd be on a tight schedule. Unless ikaw yung love of my life ko way back college days.Hahaha.Potek!

Hanggang (date of departure) lang ako sa Pinas.

See you soon!

Her reply:

wow, that's great. hope ako ang love of your life, hehehe. im getting m------ this november.

Love hurts! Ouch!


coldman said...

would be better kung di na lang siya nag reply!

ouch! ang sakit! Hahaha!

domjullian said...

may update na.hahaha. kaso medyo malaswa. bawal i post.**devilish smile**woot woot!

carlotta1924 said...



Ronnan Tristan said...

hahaha ayan kasi banat ng banat..

medyo ouch nga pero Keri lang yan... :)