Thursday, March 18, 2010

Obituary: Prof. Emilia Boncodin

Professor Emilia Boncodin
Former Secretary, Department of Budget & Management
1955 - 2010

Domjullian's former professor - Accounting 1 (Intro to Financial Accounting)

Rest in Peace Mam
Accounting became a little less scary for math-ophobics like me, because of you


Chingoy said...


para tuloy naniniwala akong ang mga matinong tao, nauunang kunin.

though i dont know her personally, ive heard a lot of great things about her...

engel said...

may she rest in peace.

my condolences to those she left behind.

we lost another good filipina. =(

Chimmie said...

sumalanget nawa ang kanyan kalolowa :(