Monday, October 26, 2009

if you call me

if you call me Daddy, you're either Dad or Mom or Cairo.
if you call me Dad or Deeeeeeee, you’re Cairo.
if you call me Yan-yan, you’re one of my siblings.
if you call me Yan, you’re one of my lifelong friends.
if you call me Ian, you’re one of my neighbors.
if you call me Anak, you’re my lola (dad’s mom)
if you call me Raphael Jr., you’re my lola (mom’s mom)
if you call me Balat, you’re one of my childhood enemies or Leroy (hehe).
if you call me Sid, you're a classmate/batchmate from LSGH.
if you call me Dominic, you're a relative from my mother side.
if you call me Jullian, you're a relative from my father side.
if you call me Domjullian, you're my blogmate.
if you call me Dom, you're a classmate from UP.
if you call me Belat Balat, you're definitely Kerwin.
if you call me Bok-bok, you’re definitely Annie.
if you call me DJ, you’re a certified member of the A-boys of LSGH.
if you call me Koya Dumenec, you’re so Rosaleeeeee.
if you call me Mr.*Surname* , you're probably my prof in UP.
if you call me Mr. Library, you’re the girl from the UP Main Lib.
if you call me Psst! Lika nga dito, you can run as fast as you can, I’ll kill you with all my heart!
if you call me Baby or Sweetheart, you don’t exist yet in my world.Hahaha!
if you call me Hudas ka! Hayop ka!, you’re one of my exes.Hahahaha!
if you call me John Lloyd Cruz, that means you really are an honest person! =D


carlotta said...

haha cute post, domjullian este, john lloyd cruz... grabe hindi ko na alam ang itatawag sayo wooshoo! lolol

hava great week ahead!

engel said...

dami naman pangalan. lol

gusto ko yung Dumenec. =P

wanderingcommuter said...

hahahaha! tumambling ako sa last line!

domjullian said...

@ Carlotta, ewan ko ba bakit iba iba tawag saken, ako naman sige lang ng sige kahit ano itawag saken.

@ Engel, hmp!

@ WC, joke lang yun. baka makalusot

PS: Moderated na ang mga comments kasi may taong hindi pa ata alam na meron ng salitang "COURTESY"

The Scud said...

natuwa ako sa post mo. dami mong palayaw. kainggit!

engel said...

may kaaway?

wait said...

i like this post John Lloyd! : )

domjullian said...

@ Scud, ewan ko ba bat ang dami pero nasanay na rin ako eventually and I liked it.Woot!

@ Engel, wala akong kaaway. Discourteous people just irritate me and I won't allow such person to get on my way. I can handle this. Hahaha.

@ Wait, ahehehehe. testing lang kung lulusot.

Anonymous said...

nice one pare!